Romus Studio would not only be acoustically correct, with a preference for bright tones, but also would be literally luminous, with as much natural light as possible. Without a doubt, the most striking feature upon entering Romus Studio’s control room for the first time is the huge glazed area where the ADAM S6A MK2 main monitors are mounted, supported by custom steel arms. The glazing forms a very spectacular (and efficient) isolation chamber and gives a breathtaking view of a wooded valley, and nearby Orvieto’s 14th-century fortress and cathedral in the middle of Italy. The studio has two key features, both with considerable visual impact. The first is the special twin glazing with the flush-mounted main monitors, an idea that, as far as I know, has never before been applied in such a spectacular manner, while nevertheless ensuring perfect sound. The second is the studio’s acoustic treatment via one very large, complex resonator/diffuser, which ensures linear acoustics and control of all frequencies produced in the room by means of its varied cross-section. The studio’s long, horizontal ‘poly-cylinder’ forms a multiple absorption unit, which works along with the rigid multi-angle sawtooth ceiling. Low frequencies are therefore controlled by differentiated absorption due to the shape of the cylinder and its internal frequency selection, whereas mid-highs are controlled by means of the diffraction and diffusion of the ‘wave system’ of the cylinder and the inclined surfaces of ceiling; this interaction ensures a suitably short delay time without any sound ‘tails. The ceiling and cylinder control the static sound waves  between the floor and the walls, while for the other shorter walls — at the entrance of the sound lock for the control room — this was done by ensuring the structures were not parallel. This combination of functions and shape is at the basis of the construction of a “sound box,” which is able to ensure perfect acoustics for the beautiful Bösendorfer full grand piano that it hosts.

Sound Tools Hardware Diffusione-Pre Filtri Dinamici- Console-Processori Digitali Registratori – Midi – Power – Micro CPU+hardware relativo Software 2 Emagic Logic PRO Diffusione-Pre Filtri Dinamici- Console-Processori Digitalia) Pre-Dinamici-Filtri 2 Focusrite Isa 131 (Compressore) 1 Focusrite Isa 115 HD (Preamplificatore) 1 Focusrite Psu 120 (Power x Isa 115 HD) 1 GML Eq (Equlizzatore) 1 GML Comp (Compressore) 2 Sherman (Filtri) 1 ADA (Gtr Pre)b) Diffusione Audio 2 Adam S3A 2 Genelec 1031A (diffusori audio) 1 Tivoli Audioc) Console 1 Yamaha DM2000.

d) Effetti 1 DK Audio Master Studio Display 1 Roland SE-50 (Processore Effetti) 1 Roland SE-70 (Processore Effetti) 1Effetto Voce TC electreonics TC intonator 1 TC electronics System 6000 e) Convertitori 3 MusicNet DA24 (Convertitori DA) 1 Apogee PSX-100 (Convertitore ADDA) d) Cuffie 1 Grado Headphones SR 325 2 AKG K240 Registratori – Midi – Power – Micro a)Registratori 1 Tascam Da 30 (Dat) 1 Tascam 122 MKIII (cassette) b)Midi 1 Emagic Unitor 8 midi interface 1 Fatar Studio 2000 (Master Keyboard) 1 Korg DT1 Pro (accordatore) 1 Ensoniq VFX sd (tastiera) 1 Elka Syntex (tastiera) 1 Moog The Rogue (tastiera) 1 Supernova (synth expander) 2 Roland JV 1080 1 Controller midi Emagic Logic Control c)Power Supplies 2 Furman 1 Smart UPS d)Microfoni 2 Bruel&Kjaer 4040 1 Bruel&Kjaer 1 Shure SM58 CPU+hardware relativo a)Power Mac G4 933Mghz 2 Apple LCD 15″ (monitor) 2 Ram DIMM 512MB b)Power Mac G4 dual 1,25 1 Apple Cinema Display 21″ (monitor) 2 Ram 512 mega 2 USB Hub 1 Epson 830 (Stampante) c) HD 1 HD Firewire 80GB 1 HD Firewire 120GB 1 HD Firewire 45 GB d) Interfaccie audio 1 Interfaccia Audio RME Hammerfall 1 Interfaccia Audio Steinberg Nuendo Hammerfall 1 Interfaccia Audio Motu 828 MK2.